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How To Build A Hovercraft

Yes, you actually can build your own hovercraft!

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It’s fun and easy with simple to follow hovercraft plans.

Hi! Bob Miller here from Lake Buggy Airboats.

I think that at one time or another almost all of us have wanted to own a small hovercraft of our own, but, we were concerned with the cost of building it and the difficulty of trying to design one. So I went out and began looking for one that could meet my needs. It had to be simple to make, with common materials, and not cost a lot since (like most people) for my first build I just wanted to explore the concept. To my surprise I only found one place where I could get plans that met my criteria which is why I am showcasing them here.

With the HC-111 Hovercraft Plans you can have one of your own, and without spending thousands of dollars for it. Just build a mini one man hovercraft yourself with some simple tools you have, and materials you can get – right from your local hardware store!

You don’t have to go through trying to figure out how to design a hovercraft either. Just follow the Hover Craft Plans. The plans are very inexpensive, as are all the materials to build the boat. If you look at the prices of the commercial hovercraft companies you will quickly see that they charge thousands of dollars for a craft.

Hovercraft are quickly becoming very popular because they are EASY to build, VERY affordable, and FUN to use. The hovercraft motor is a small everyday one you can get just about anywhere and are not the big hovercraft engines you have to use on a commercial boat.

These hovercraft were developed to fill the need for a small, simple, home built boat for recreational use. The hovercraft design was incorporated to make them versatile (can be operated on land, in deep water, or in shallow and vegetation filled waters), and to REDUCE COST. When you consider that a manufactured hovercraft for sale will run you thousands and thousands of dollars then there is no comparison to these hovercraft parts plans.

The hovercraft plans are for a single seat one man craft and a three man craft, so you are sure to find that once you have built one the rest of your family and friends are going to want one too… go ahead and build some more. After all, you will already have the plans and they are so easy to make. The plans cover building the hovercraft hull, propeller cone, air skirt and all the controls.

You don’t really want to just paddle around your lake, stream, or river do you? Well now you can be out there on your very own hovercraft! Look, if you want to be out there on the water and having a GREAT time without spending gobs of cash then this is the answer for you. Go ahead and check out the specs. I’m confident that once you have, you will want to order the plans for your very own HOVERCRAFT!

You simply couldn’t ask for better deals on these simple to build Hovercraft!

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Bob Miller
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