One Man Hovercraft

The One Man Hovercraft

(view of the One Man Design)

Yes, you can quickly and easily build your own hovercraft!

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“Finally, An Easy, Practical, Step-By-Step  Roadmap For Building A Hovercraft… Guaranteed!”

Build Your Hovercraft In A Weekend!

We’ve assembled a simple proven design for you to get a complete working hovercraft in as little as 12 hours.

Now make no mistakes – this is not a leaf blower, vacuum cleaner, weed whacker, or anything like that. This is a real working, single person small hovercraft that you can build yourself with common materials.

Just think – just hours from now – your friends won’t be laughing at your ‘silly ideas’ about building your own hovercraft. With these plans, you’ll be able to construct a single engine starter hovercraft. You won’t have to run around in circles trying to get hovercraft plans that are too complicated, or that don’t work.

A great deal of time went into the DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS of this Hover Craft by the developer so that the construction materials would be as common as possible, making it easy to purchase them locally. Not only are the materials common, but the tools needed to assemble the boat are ordinary hobby shop tools. Most people interested in building the craft will probably already have the tools needed to build it.

This Hovercraft was developed to fill the need for a small, simple, DIY home built craft for recreational use. The hovercraft design really makes it versatile (can be operated on land or in shallow and vegetation filled waters as well as deep water), and to reduce cost. The entire craft can be built from all new parts for about $500, and much less if you buy used parts for the propulsion and motor which are the bulk of the cost. Although the hovercraft is not much good for hunting, it does have the ability to travel through shallow waters to before inaccessible fishing holes. Another reason for the hovercraft design is the out and out fun and excitement of operating one; this is something you must experience to appreciate.

here is your first surprise!

Updates are provided for free for as long as the plans are revised.

The updates include performance improvements, corrections, and construction techniques not originally featured in the plans. Yep, you read that right! Updates will be sent to you by e-mail and will continue to be supplied to you as more revisions become available.

You’ll have a tough time finding this level of commitment anywhere else. And they certainly don’t and wont provide services like that for free! In addition, because you’re downloading the plans directly from the developer, there are no inventory, no printing, and no fulfillment charges. This way the savings are passed along to you. And you get the plans right away so you can print them out and get started.

Don’t worry, the plans will work with either PC or MAC computers. Downloading the information is a snap. You don’t need to be a “techno whiz” it really is no problem.

And here is surprise #2!

It’s all yours to try risk free for 56 days for only $27.

Think about this – You don’t even have to decide right away if this is going to work for you. Instead, you can take the full 56 days to totally evaluate these hovercraft design plans. You truly have nothing to lose here!

There have been requests for complete kits. However, because all of the materials are so common it would be a waist of your money to purchase one. Also, when you figure in shipping costs and our time to make the kit up it would be impossible to make one available at a reasonable price, which is what this project is all about in the first place. Besides, they are just plain fun to build and you own the bragging rights when you build it.

Specifications List

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