Three Man Hovercraft

Introducing the HC-171 3 man Hovercraft Plans!

three man boat plans

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People were asking for a choice of something a little more “beefy” than the one man Hovercraft, and here it is!

The developer of these plans is constantly working to make a bigger, better craft and since so many people asked him for plans for one, he sat down and designed the HC-171. This craft has a buoyancy of 900 lbs. and can reach a speed of 35mph! Now that’s scooting along in anyones book for a home built hovercraft.

The Hovercraft has a sleeker, more aggressive hull design as you might expect for a craft of this performance. Because of that this hovercraft will take you a little longer to build that the one man, but, it is definitely worth the extra time.

The power system has also been designed with a low center of gravity (low engine). This allows freedom of air coming into the propulsion system, greatly improving efficiency. Even better yet is that the design of this craft allows you to decide between 2 different propulsion systems so you have a choice of using an induction or propeller type. That’s like getting two sets of plans in one package!

Now here is some more great news… The developer is so confident in your satisfaction with his plans that he is including the same great deal as with his one man craft.

That’s right, you get FREE updates to the hovercraft plans if or when he makes them, AND the full 56 day money back guarantee!

A lot of thought was put into designing this craft so that the building materials would be easily accessible to anyone from their local hardware store, and the tools are general home use or hobby type. In fact, when I looked I found that I already had every tool I would need to build any of these hovercraft.

Go ahead and take a look at the specifications of this boat and I think you will be as impressed as I was. Once you have done that, “click” over to the order page and get your plans (and maybe something more).

Specifications List

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